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Measure UpThe safety of our patrons is the prime concern of the Wade Shows. We have a qualified staff of managers, inspectors and ride operators who inspect the equipment prior to opening each day. In addition, most states have a comprehensive ride inspection program where the rides are additionally checked by a state safety official before the ride can be opened to the public. A third layer of safety is our insurance company who hires an independent safety consultant to inspect all of our rides each year. Maintenance and safety work is performed at our state of the art work facility on an annual basis, keeping our equipment in top running condition. Wade Shows has an excellent safety record and we want the experience of each of our customers to be the best it can be when visiting the Wade Shows midway.

Experts estimate that aproximately 80% of the incidents that do occur are the result of patron error. Rocking ride seats, taking your hands out of the car or throwing objects out of the car are all examples of behavior that can result in an injury. Even though they may believe they are participating in some innocent fun, the results can be dangerous for them and the customers nearby. It is important that each customer obey the posted rules for each ride that can be found on our ride signs. You can also help by reporting any violation of these rules to the ride operator as soon as you observe the behavior. By working together, we can keep the Wade Shows midway a safe, exciting place for kids of all ages.


Facts About Amusement Ride Safety

  • Over 350 million people visit at least one carnival each year. Considering that the average customer takes multiple rides at the carnival, there may be as many as ONE BILLION rides taken every year at carnivals.
  • According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 10 patron fatalities as a result of ride accidents between 1987 and June 2004. During that, there were approximately 18 billion rides taken. Therefore, the chances of suffering a fatality as the result of riding a carnival ride is around ONE in 1.8 BILLION!
  • Also according to the CPSC, there are many more injuries each year from basketball games, exercise equipment and even playing pool than there are on carnival rides!
  • Over 80% of the injuries that do occur on rides are the result of horseplay and not obeying the posted rules of the rides
  • If you notice something that does not look safe to you during your visit to Wade Shows or any other carnival midway tell a ride operator or supervisor. Working together, we can keep our midways safe.
  • Carnivals remain one of the safest forms of entertainment available today.
Source: Outdoor Amusement Business Association
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