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About Wade Shows
Wade Shows MidwayWade Shows was founded in 1912 by Lee Wade. The show played small events in and around Detroit, Michigan. For over 100 years, Wade Shows has been the leader in bringing affordable family entertainment to the people of Michigan and as the company has grown carnival fans throughout the country. As the company expands, we continue this tradition with our customers throughout the country.

For the past 30 years, Wade Shows has been under the ownership and direction of Frank Zaitshik. Frank has taken the company from a small, Michigan based show to a truly national organization with offices in both Michigan and Florida. Frank's style of personal management, team building and continuous improvement is the guiding force to the phenomenal success of the show.

Wade Shows now owns over 100 amusement rides and attractions and services over 15 million people each year. Wade Shows plays more State Fairs than any other carnival in history, working with great events such as the Oklahoma State Fair, the North Carolina State Fair, the Missouri State Fair, The South Florida Fair, the San Antonio Livestock Show and Exhibition, the Alabama State Fair, the Delaware State Fair, the Florida State Fair, and the Alabama National Fair. Wade Shows also works with many large county and regional fairs as well as city and civic sponsored events. One of America''s premier carnival companies, Wade Shows is consistently ranked as one of the top five amusement companies by our industry's leading trade publication: CarnivalWarehouse.com.

Wade Shows is at the forefront of the industry on many fronts. Our customer service amenities, including shaded seating area, color-coordinated canvas, height signs and our all-new Gold Access Program, offer more opportunities for guests than any other carnival.

Wade Shows is also the greenest carnival on the road today. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on initiatives such as replacing the lighting on our rides with LED lighting, purchasing the most fuel-efficient generators available, using bio-diesel when available for our power plants and initiating midway recycling programs with our fair partners.

Wade Shows continues to improve each year. Our goals are to provide the most thrilling rides, top safety and employee training, the best customer service amenities and the greenest possible company to our fairs and events. Keeping these goals in mind, we will continue our progress, one smile at a time, into the 21st Century.
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